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Hybrid tunable laser systems (Solid-state / Dye)

TIS/DYE-SF-07 (1,1 Mb)

In model TIS/DYE-SF-07 such double optical set-up has been for the first time implemented on the basis of a ring cavity with horizontal orientation. This horizontal orientation of the resonator plane for both lasers allows compact arrangement of the cavity elements on a rigid and massive vibro-isolated base of TIS/DYE-SF-07, which ensures very high stability of the generation parameters of both the Ti:Sapphire and Dye lasers.

The single-frequency CW ring laser TIS/DYE-SF-07 is a passively stabilised laser, its output linewidth in the Ti:Sapphire configuration being about 5 MHz rms and in the Dye one, 10 MHz rms. Active frequency stabilisation performed through an external thermo-stabilised cavity is available in model TIS/DYE-SF-077; it provides short-time linewidth less than 100 kHz rms for Ti:Sapphire and Dye lasers.

The standard spectral range of the laser system of 570-1050 nm can be extended into the 285-525-nm range by using the Tekhnoscan's efficient resonant external frequency doubler FD-SF-07.
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