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laser systemr
Laser equipment offered by the companies of Tekhnoscan Group traditionally features novel technological solutions and optimal combination of high performance parameters and moderate cost. The expert team of Tekhnoscan Group achieves this by careful optimisation of every module and element of the created laser systems, as well as by continuously improving the design of our laser equipment as a result of the customer feed-back and our own extensive studies and testing of these systems.

Laser equipment developed and manufactured by Tekhnoscan Group is a line of science-intensive high-technology products benefiting from a constant stream of novel scientific, technical, and technological ideas and solutions. Our products stand on the powerful foundation of advanced research and development continuously carried out by the members of the Tekhnoscan Group team. More than 20 years of tireless activity and uninterrupted development have provided Tekhnoscan Group with unique competences, which are the key to creation of laser products taking advantage of the most advanced materials, components, technologies, and approaches.

The Tekhnoscan Group team is looking forward to creatively meeting all the customers’ requests and needs for modification or refinement of our products in order to fully meet their stringent requirements. As a rule, such modifications, often entailing a separate research and development work, are performed within a normal purchase order and do not lead to lengthening of regular delivery terms.

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