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Laser system for isotope separation
Resonant Frequency Doubler
CW single-frequency Dye laser
CW single-frequency Dye laser

Tekhnoscan Group takes orders for research and development projects related to building specialised laser systems, laser devices, laser equipment and components, including OEM modules.

Tekhnoscan Group has decades of successful experience in development and manufacture of custom-ordered laser products. These products include isotope separation systems, pulsed lasers for research related to creation of active oxygen for laser therapy, sources of THz radiation, systems with a narrow output line locked to a saturated absorption resonance at an atomic transition, gas- and hydro-dynamic research systems featuring an optical knife configuration to visualise particles in a desired plane of the studied flow, as well as many other types of systems.

On custom order, Tekhnoscan Group develops and builds laboratory and pilot prototypes of new laser equipment, conducts performance tests and optimisation, necessary studies, adapts the equipment parameters to the specific requirements and tasks of the customer. The companies of Tekhnoscan Group have been for many years successfully delivering special laser development orders, including many Government projects.

Tekhnoscan Group features a superlative team of highly qualified Ph.D. researchers and engineers who have acquired many years of experience at R & D organisations of the Novosibirsk Scientific Centre.

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